About Us

Cedric Perez,


Small Gun shop with hopes of a store front one day! (It’s coming very soon!) 

R&C Armory is locally owned and operated by a USMC Vet!

Premium Firearms, ammo, accessories, and NFA items! If there’s something we don’t have, we’ll try our absolute hardest to get it for ya!

From budget to high tier firearms, we have something for everyone! 

Looking to get an AR-15 built? Look no further than to our R&C Armory Wellhead rifles! Want to build it yourself? Lowers are also available separately!

Suppressors are our bread and butter! With over 35+ suppressors in stock ready to demo and help you find out which one you want to buy! If we don’t have the suppressor you just demo’d or want. We can easily get it ordered! We have access to all major brands and then some!

If I don’t answer, shoot me a text. I still work a day job so can’t always get to the phone but I can reply normally pretty quickly!

Hope to work with ya soon! Thanks!